Previous Grants

John Adams’ Eros Piano
Samuel Barber’s Prayers of Kirkegaard
Bela Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra
Arthur Berger’s Septet
Luciano Berio’s Traces
Leonard Bernstein’s Serenade
Harrison Birtwistle’s Silbury Air
Ernest Bloch’s Sinfonia Breve
Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes
John Cage’s Cheap Imitation
Carlos Chavez’ Sinfonia no. 5
Aaron Copland’s Symphony no. 3
George Crumb’s Madrigals Books I and II
Luigi Dallapiccola’s Tartiniana
Peter Maxwell Davies’ Revelation and Fall
Jacob Druckman’s Windows
Henry Dutilleux’ Concerto for Two Orchestras
Morton Feldman’s Instruments
Irving Fine’s String Quartet
Lukas Foss’ Symphony of Chorales
Alexander Goehr’s Colossus or Panic
Howard Hanson’s Piano Concerto
Lou Harrison’s Elegiac Symphony
Jonathan Harvey’s Timepieces
Karel Husa’s Violin Sonata
Ulysses Kay’s The Bore
Oliver Knussen’s Ophelia Dances
Gyorgy Ligeti’s Ramifications
Olivier Messaien’s Turangalila-Symphonie
Douglas Moore’s Ballad of Baby Doe
Krzysztof Penderecki’s Cello Concerto
Goffredo Petrassi’s Quinto Concerto
Walter Piston’s Symphony no. 3
Francis Poulenc’s Gloria
Steve Reich’s Three Movements for Orchestra
Arnold Schoenberg’s Survivor from Warsaw
Gunther Schuller’s Double Bass Concerto
William Schuman’s Symphony no. 7
Roger Sessions’ Symphony no. 3
Harold Shapero’s Symphony for Classical Orchestra
Seymour Shifrin’s String Quartet no. 3
Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Mixtur
Igor Stravinsky’s Ode
Michael Tippett’s King Priam
Edgard Varese’s Notturno
William Walton’s The Bear

In the last decade alone, commissions have been awarded to a distinguished and diverse group of composers:

Koussevitzky Foundation Commissions 2005-2015

Please note that there was no Commissioning Program in 2009.

Julian Anderson, 2013
John Aylward, 2011
Derek Bermel, 2007
Chester Biscardi, 2007
Edmund Campion, 2008
Yu-Hui Chang, 2008
Eric Chasalow, 2005
Anthony Cheung, 2011
Kee Yong Chong, 2008
John Corigliano, 2010
Brian Current, 2006
Justin Dello Joio, 2010
Jason Eckardt, 2011
Fang Man, 2010
David Felder, 2010
Agustin Fernandez, 2011
Richard Festinger, 2014
Matthew Greenbaum, 2007
Sofia Gubaidulina, 2008
Saed Haddad, 2014
John Harbison, 2006
Donald Harris, 2006
Stephen Hartke, 2005
Jennifer Higdon, 2011
Arthur Kampela, 2007
Jonathan Keren, 2007
Oliver Knussen, 2006
Thierry Lancino, 2007
Lei Liang, 2015
Eric Lindsay, 2008
David Liptak, 2013
Jing Jing Luo, 2005
Bruno Mantovani, 2008
Colin Matthews, 2015
Harold Meltzer, 2011
Benoit Mernier, 2011
Eric Moe, 2010
Tristan Murail, 2012
Lior Navok, 2004
Andrew Norman, 2013
Joseph Phibbs, 2014
David Rakowski, 2006
Bernard Rands, 2005
Roger Reynolds, 2005
Poul Ruders, 2005
Kaija Saariaho, 2012
Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, 2005
Laura Schwendinger, 2014
Bright Sheng, 2010
Ronald Bruce Smith, 2012
Kate Soper, 2012
Bent Sørensen, 2015
Augusta Read Thomas, 2010
Jukka Tiensuu, 2010
Mark-Anthony Turnage, 2004
Chinary Ung, 2005
Dan Visconti, 2015
Wang Jie, 2012
Chou Wen-Chung, 2005
Nina C. Young, 2015
Dan Yuhas, 2007

Additionally, a few composers have received more than one Koussevitzky commission. Please consult the Foundation if there are questions regarding a composer's eligibility.